The virtual skipper trainer

Ever wanted to make a good impression during harbour maneuvers? But no idea how to exercise?

Practice and improve your skipper skills all year long even when you are not aboard with our app! It is available for Android and iOS. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro. You will gain confidence in handling a yacht.

Dock your Boat 3D offers maneuvers under engine for sailing yachts as a simulation game with real physics action - a brand new dry training, that was developed as realistically as possible to guarantee a good learing effect.

This completely redesigned 3D Version of the famous App "Dock Your Boat" offers even greater enjoyment of training because of its advanced user-friendly functions and beautiful artwork. The developers are passionate skippers by themselves and bring their sailing experience into the game.

We are really pleased to provide the amazing 3D app to all yachting colleagues right now.

Boat types: Monohull Sailing Boat a Catamaran and a Powerboat

Sailing is now in preview for testing!

Try it out - install now!


Graphics & Design

This is what our users say:

by Rrtyyutrtu – Aug 19, 2020
Very realistic boat docking simulation, as this is one of the most critical capabilities to develop as a sailboat skipper

by shazzgold – Aug 3, 2020 Captain on furlough.
This gives me a chance to think about shiphandling again.

by JohnDoe9038592049 – Jun 8, 2020
I love the game! It does a really good job at simulating docking procedures and physics. Surprisingly it has actually helped me learn how to better dock an actual boat. It would be even better if you guys were able to add some different types of boats besides sail boats such as motor yachts. I feel like sail boats are a smaller fraction of what people own these days and motor yachts might be more helpful to some people. But overall, great game!

by Sipapi32123321 – May 21, 2020
Fun, challenging, awesome physics! Any chance a future update will add more boats like a larger motor yacht?

by Vysokovskiy – Feb 16, 2020
Thank you for a fantastic training app. The simulation is really well done. Looking forward to new scenes and sailing adjustment trainings.