Frequently asked questions and issues

Why are scenes locked after I subscribed?

Scenes are loaded from our server. So make sure, that the network is available at least the first time the scene list is loaded and for the first time a scene is loaded. First try to delete all cache files in Settings > System. Then try to switch off SSL. Make sure you do not have a firewall or a VPN blocking connections!

My network is ok, still not working!

For sending a test request follow the link below. If you do not get this output "API connection is working!", your network might be blocking the connection for some reason.
» Click here for testing

Why is the graphics resolution so low?

Change the quality to higher than 'fastest' and restart the app.

Why does the app not run fluently?

Dock your boat needs a good graphic chip to run on. iOS users should experience a fluid framerate on all devices newer than 3 years. On Android it's more complicated to predict since there are literally thousends of different devices/system/configurations out there. If the app detects a low framerate it will bring up a screen, where you can adjust quality. For some devices you might have to switch to 'fastest'. After restarting the resolution will be reduced which should increase the framerate again.