Scene Editor Help


Some features are available in Version 1.5 or greater. 


All prebuild scenes have been created with the editor. Prebuild scenes can be edited, but changes will be lost on the next start of the app. The editor is invoked by tapping Edit on the scene slection screen. So, it is a good idea to copy a scene first and then start editing. This can be done by first selecting a scene followed by tapping onto Create. An special Empty scene is provided to start from scratch.

If you are a registered user, all your scenes will be stored on our servers and can be used on any of your devices with the same login information. Your scenes can be restored at any time, even if you have to reinstall the app one day.


Tap onto an object with one finger to move it arround. Objects follow simple physical bahavior, so it should be clear after a few seconds how to use this technic to place them.
Use two fingers to zoom and move arround the stage.

Add new objects be tapping onto the group buttons on the left. This brings a menu with further options. To cancel, tap outside the menu.

  • Delete an object with the delete button.
  • Save will store the scene.
  • Cancel will revert to the last saved version.

Editing Boats & Tracks

The other boats have only simple physical properties to preserve CPU power. Since they usually do not move, this will not lessen the experience. To move arround the boats tap onto a boats center. Double-tapping on stern or bow will create a black line which can be dropped on a bollard or even into the water . The latter will create a mooring. Double-tapping again, will remove the line.

Since version 1.5 there is a nice way to add moving boats into the scene. They can follow a given track. Each track can be started when the players boat hits a hidden trigger area.

A track can be created in the boat group. It will consist of two points. Touch and drag a point to a desired position. Doubletap and drag onto a point to create a new point. When a point is placed close to an other point it will be deleted.

Note: If the starting and endpoints are close together, the track will be treated as a roundtrip.


Now a boat can be connected with a track. Move the boat close to a trackpoint. This will show a green line to show, at which position the boat will start following the track. Any number of boats can be connected to one track. The boats will begin to move after the Start button on the scene selection screen is pressed. The closer the points are the slower the boat will move. Narrow turns should have very close points. The boats are town by an invisible force and do not necessary act as real boats. So it needs some trying to design good looking movement.


Important: After adding or removing trackpoints you have to re-position connected boats to update the mount-points! 

Trigger Area for Tracks

Add a track trigger point from within the boat group menu. Place it on a position you like. Doubletap it to change the size or hit the Connect to track button. The panel is closing. Now the object is in connection mode: tap and drag it. This will show a red line. Move this line to a track you want it to be connected to. After releasing the trigger will be connected to the most nearby track.

Note: when a track has a trigger connected, the boats will not begin to move until the user boat goes over the trigger point.

Tips & Tricks

When trying out a scene after editing and enter the editor again, the current position and lines of the players boat are used inside the editor. This means, that saving the scene again, will save the new position of the players boat. 

The currently wind and current situation will be saved after leaving the editor. Bevore editing it might be a good idea to turn off both switches in the weather panel. When a scene is ready designed turn it on again.

Notification Trigger

The last group features some extra elements. 


  • Notifications, shown as yellow stars. When the user boat goes over these, a text message, if not empty, is shown and zoom levels can be changed. The star can also be switched to invisible. The text message will then only be shown once.
  • Parking Spot, shown as a green area will trigger, when the players boat is correctly placed inside and at least 3 lines are tight.
  • Exit, will trigger when the boat goes over it at least for 4 seconds