Select a Scene

On startup the software will present this screen. Swipe left and right to select a scene. Tap on a scene image and then tap "Start". The button in the left top corner will always close this window.
Show Help turns on/off the text information inside the scenes, which are telling about the goal of the scene.
Scool-mode prevents the simulation from being stopped after collsions.

The additional buttons Edit-Delete-Create will only be visible, if you have purchased the Pro-Version together with the Scene-Editor.

Control the boat

Drag the wheel for steering. When the golden dot is straight in the center the rudder is centered as well. Drag the throttle up and down to control engine power.༢r>Important: for convenience double tap onto the throttle to switch engine to idle.

The engine speed can be read on the right top instrument, which shows the rounds-per-minute, where 20 would mean 2000 rpm. A usual speed for docking would be arround 700 - 1500 rpm, depending on the situation.

Wheel and throttle are positioned closely to each other on purpose. Forward planning and the knowledge of what is going to happen are important skills to be gained.

Lines & Fenders

After double tapping on the boat you can select either line handling or fender handling.

Line handling

Tap and hold the boat will create a line at the nearest usefull location on the boat. A red-white circle will apear, which can slowly be dragged arround. It is only possible to drag the rope over the boat or the pier as well as on mooring areas. It cannot be dragged thru the ocean more than about 1 meter. The intent behind this is, that you do not want to swim or jump with the line to get it mounted.

Once in the near of a bollard or mooring area, the line can be dropped. It will then automatically be adjusted to the right length.

To cast off or unmount a line double tap on or close to the bollard on the pier. A single tap on the bollard will loosen the line by 50cm. A single tap and hold on the bollard will try to shorten the line which can only be done, if the force is not too strong.


Fender handling

Tap and hold on the boat at a location near a fender you want to move. This will turn the fender red. Now keep holding and drag the fender by moving your finger. The fender will always stick on the hull of the boat and will slowly follow your movement. However you can also do a fast move to the desired location it will end it´s movement there.

You do not have to hit the fender exactly. Just tap inside the boat close to a fender. Then hold and move your finger out of the boat. The fender will be placed on the outside of the boats shape between your finger and the center of the boat.


A berth spot is marked with a green rectangle. The app will be satisfied when the boat is secured with at least 2 lines, is not moving or rotating and has it´s engine turned to neutral. The sooner you accomplish this task, the more points you will earn.


The Pro-Version allows you to change the weather situation. Every scene comes with some wind and current set up. With this panel you can override this presets and can try maneuvering with different weather conditions. Drag the arrows by tap and hold their backside. 

The speed in knots can be selected with the buttons. 
Note: the wind direction is given as "blows from" and the current is given as "flows to"
Note: You should first select a scene and then change the weather settings. As long as you stay in one scene you can also Start it again and the weather will be adjusted to your settings. When selecting a differnt scene, the date from the new scene will be used.